norman_druart - My favourite models

Model Name Born Birthplace Comments Updated
Aria Bella ??-??-1994 Superb goddess with an incredibly raw sexual power and a staggeringly beautiful pussy.
Eidis ??-??-1997
Adriana Chechik 04-11-1991 United States of America Adriana is a fantastic squirter with a delicious pussy. I highly recommend her if you are into that kind of stuff!
Adel C 09-05-1995 Latvia An absolute beauty! She has particularly deep eyes with a very passionate look and with lovely freckles. Her hair is so beautiful when it's a chignon bun. Great body, pretty small breasts and a cute pussy. Her scenes with Michelle H are very beautiful.
Roksolana ??-??-1997 She's very new to the scene but I can already tell she's one of the best models of 2016 and definite favorite of mine. Such an adorable angelic cutie pie with lovely small breasts and a very beautiful and captivating vulva. More! More!
Adriana F ??-??-1991 Latvia
Aideen 29-10-1986 Ireland
Valeria A 15-01-1994 Ukraine
Alexandra D ??-??-1987 Russia
Ally Ryan United States of America
Alma A ??-??-1994 Ukraine
Alysha A ??-??-1991 What a beauty! Her hair is a golden cascade and her smile is heaven itself. She has a gorgeous body with beautiful breasts and a perfect pussy.
Alyssa A 22-07-1990 Russia
Amelie 24-10-1987 Russia
Amelie B 24-03-1991 Ukraine Very beautiful brunette with naughty blue eyes, a great body and pretty breasts. She seems to be very aroused in every set she appears in judging by her very wet pussy.
Amy A ??-??-1991 Russia Very cute face but I believe her haircut doesn't really suit her well. However she has one of the prettiest pussies on Met-Art.
Anastasia Black 18-05-1995 United States of America Sexy little vixen with a superb cunt. (Disclaimer: I use the word cunt only as a raunchy and sexy synonym for a very arousing and beautiful vulva, never as a pejorative).
Angela D ??-??-1988 Russia
Anita 16-01-1989 Russia
Anita E ??-??-1985 Ukraine
Anna Ac ??-??-1989 Russia
Anna Aj 24-12-1987 Ukraine I'm always amazed when I see her. She is a tad too skinny but her breathtaking beauty is enough to make me forget that. She probably has one of the prettiest vulvas I've ever seen.
Anna Ap ??-??-1985 Ukraine Very beautiful brunette with great eyes and delicate eyebrows. Perfect breasts and a great body.
Anna Ak ??-??-1987 Russia
Anna Tatu 03-06-1991 Czech Republic Anna is one of these girls you easily fall in love with. Cute face with deep green eyes, a rocking body with pretty breasts and an adorable pussy that looks like a blooming flower when spread. I also like her trademark pubic hair.
Anne B ??-??-1989 Ukraine
Janice A 05-01-1993 Russia Dreamy hazel eyes, beautiful eyebrows, a pretty round face and a pale body, gorgeous breasts, an amazing butt and an adorable little pink pussy with cute labia. What's not to love? And that smile, that smile!
Annis A 1994 Ukraine
Ardelia A ??-??-1993 Ukraine Stunning newcomer with beautiful dark hair, hypnotic blue eyes and a killer naughty smile. Great body as well with lovely breasts and a pretty pussy she seems to love showing! She's not afraid of spreading her long legs and she seems to have a lot of fun.
Ariel Rebel 23-09-1985 Canada I have to admit I wasn't very interested in her before she joined MET. What a fool I was. Delightful, incredibly sexy with a beautiful smile, adorable breasts and a pussy that makes me drool.
Astrud A ??-??-1987 Russia Superb brunette with a very beautiful face, a pretty smile, a sexy body with lovely breasts and a delicate pussy with cute labia.
Atena A 11-08-1989 Ukraine
Atlanta A 03-10-1984 Russia
Augusta Crystal 27-08-1989 Russia
Eve B ??-??-1994 Latvia
Barbara D 29-08-1992 Russia Beautiful blonde goddess with a lovely smile, perfect big breasts, a cute pussy and a superb butt she loves to show! Those legs!
Bayle A 12-10-1989 Ukraine
Bettina A ??-??-1986 Russia
Bianca A ??-??-1987 Russia
Billy Raise 14-04-1988 Czech Republic
Earleen A ??-??-1987 Russia
Branna A 30-09-1994 Ukraine
Brooklyn Daniels 12-07-1994
Candice Luca 06-05-1992 Czech Republic Another vixen with an insatiable sexual appetite. Very beautiful body with pretty breasts and a lovely pussy.
Candice B 02-05-1992 Ukraine A marvelous girl with a rather childlike face and gorgeous body with big breasts. She looks very innocent and peaceful and I lose my mind when I see her touch and spread her beautiful pink pussy.
Candy Rose ??-??-1989 Russia Beautiful brunette with a great frame, the most beautiful and kissable butt I've ever seen, and a rather atypical but delicious looking pussy with big labia.
Caprice 26-10-1988 Czech Republic No need to introduce her. It's always great to see her.
Carisha 12-11-1989 Slovakia Another stunning blonde, she and Corinna have rather similar bodies.
Catie Parker 03-08-1993 United States of America
Chloe Foster 05-08-1994 United States of America
Cleo B 23-04-1990 Russia
Connie Carter 24-11-1988 Czech Republic Very beautiful busty and curvy girl with a great face and a cute tiny pussy.
Cordelia A ??-??-1994 Ukraine Absolute stunner in every way: green eyes, freckles, wavy blonde hair, slender frame, long legs, beautiful shaved cunt and naughty expressions to boot! I instantly fell in love!
Corinna 23-03-1982 Germany Perfect body, great face and she seems to really enjoy what she does. A true delight.
Cristina A 02-12-1987 Russia
Daisy Gold ??-??-1995 Ukraine
Dalida A 1989 Kazakhstan
Dariya A 13-10-1986 Ukraine What a goddess, she has to be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen! Adorable and innocent face with cute expressions, amazing breasts and very cute pussy. I like her new hair color. Being able to see her in all her nude glory is a true gift.
Delfina A ??-??-1991 Ukraine Very beautiful slender blonde newcomer from 2013 with big eyes and a stunning pussy, just the kind I love.
Demi B ??-??-1990 Canada I'm very surprised she hasn't made more photosets. She's so beautiful.
Deni A 07-12-1983 Czech Republic
Diva A 01-03-1990 Russia Hot as a volcano goddess with an incredible butt and a perfect puss. "Do you like my pussy?" I don't simply like it, I worship it!
Divina A ??-??-1987 Ukraine Stunning athletic brunette with lovely small breasts.
Dorea B ??-??-1993 Russia What a delight! Very beautiful girl with an innocent freckled face, deep blue eyes and a very pretty body. She has a lovely pink pussy she's not afraid to show either.
Eddison 29-12-1993 Ukraine
Edita Recna ??-??-1993 Ukraine
Eilona ??-??-1996 Romania
Elle Alexandra 06-02-1991 United States of America I'm a sucker for redheads. Great face and arousing body with cute tiny breasts.
Elle D 23-06-1989 Ukraine Incredibly sexual girl with a great face and mesmerizing eyes. Superb breasts and a wonderful pussy. She is amazing in lesbian sets/videos when paired with Michelle.
Ellena Woods 11-04-1995 United States of America
Emily Bloom 09-07-1993 Ukraine One of the best newcomers. Great frame and superb body. Love her paleness, her big breasts and her oh so wet pink pussy!
Emily Grey 09-10-1994 United States of America
Ella Moro ??-??-1994 Russia
Eufrat 04-07-1985 Czech Republic Eufrat has been around for years and she never ceases to impress. Highly versatile, she is extremely sexy in both artistic and more sexual sets/videos.
Eva J ??-??-1988 Russia
Eveline A ??-??-1988 Russia
Eveline Neill 16-04-1990
Evgeniya A ??-??-1989 Ukraine
Evita Lima ??-??-1995 Ukraine Beautiful and innocent-looking brunette with large breasts and big nipples. She seems to be rather naughty judging from her Bonita set at RylskyArt (first time I see a model caress herself there on this site!)
Faizia A ??-??-1985 Ukraine
Milania A ??-??-1992 Ukraine
Faye D 1987 Russia
Faye Reagan 19-09-1988 United States of America An absolute cutie! I love her freckled face and her hypnotic eyes, and she has a great body with delicious big breasts and an adorable pussy. She has a very beautiful bond with Georgia Jones.
Feeona A ??-??-1989 Russia Beautiful blonde fairy with an absolutely adorable face.
Fleur A 1992 Russia
Foxy Di 14-09-1994 Russia She is an angel who fell from the sky. She has a heavenly freckled face with an innocent smile and pretty green eyes, a marvelous body with very beautiful small breasts and an adorable pussy. She also does more sexual things!
Galina A 03-01-1992 Russia
Gemma A ??-??-1987 Italy Criminally underrated Italian goddess with a great body, cute looks, a lovely butt and a perfect pussy.
Genie Agila 28-04-1994 Russia
Gillian B 01-05-1991 Ukraine
Gisele A 05-08-1981 Russia Shame about the fake tits (why? why?!) but the rest of her is absolutely perfect.
Ganna A ??-??-1993 Russia
Gyana A 13-02-1991 Ukraine
Helen F 10-05-1986 Russia
Nastya E ??-??-1990 Russia
Hilda A ??-??-1995 Ukraine
Holly Michaels 16-08-1990 United States of America Busty and rather curvy compared to other models. Very fun model, especially in her movies. I really really like her in Stefan Soell's photosets.
Ilze A ??-??-1987 Russia An absolute beauty with a wonderful face, superb blue eyes, a great body, perfect breasts, a downright flawless butt and a very pretty pink pussy. She seems to have a lot of fun and smiles a lot which is definitely a plus.
Indiana A 02-11-1986 Russia She has the most beautiful and innocent smile I've ever seen, and she also has an amazing body.
Zhanet A ??-??-1987 Russia Absolutely wonderful brunette goddess with magnificent breasts and an amazing pussy!
Inga C 05-06-1988 Latvia
Inna C ??-??-1987 Russia
Irina B 17-01-1989 Russia
Irina J 01-07-1991 Russia
Irina K 08-10-1988 Ukraine
Isabella C 13-05-1991 Ukraine
Isabella D 17-07-1990 Russia Isabella is quite the seductress with her gorgeous big breasts and her marvelous butterfly vulva. One of my all-time favorite cunts for sure. The thrill of seeing her, indeed!
Iveta B 23-10-1985 Czech Republic
Izabel A 30-11-1995 Ukraine
Camilla A ??-??-1988 What a gorgeous girl! She has a lovely round face with pretty blue eyes and a charming innocent smile, a beautiful body with lovely breasts and a cute trimmed pussy. She looks rather shy which I find arousing. We need to see more of her!
Delphine 02-04-1991 Czech Republic I'm on a blonde streak lately. I'm surprised this girl doesn't have more fans too! I love her round face, beautiful eyes and nose and her cute smile. She has a great body with pretty breasts and a delicious pink pussy. She's amazing in lesbian scenes.
Jana X ??-??-1990
Janelle B ??-??-1989 Estonia Lovely girl with beautiful eyes, a cute face and a great body with perfect breasts. Her small and wet pink pussy looks so warm and inviting and I vastly prefer when it's smoothly shaved. I like the fact that she likes to try different (pubic) hair styles.
Jayden Taylors 18-09-1992 United States of America
Jeff Milton 22-06-1994 Ukraine Very cute girl with a round face, pretty hazel eyes and cute breasts with puffy nipples. She has one of the most beautiful butts I've seen. Love her innocent looks and her sexual confidence (and her name!).
Jenni 17-08-1983 Czech Republic
Jenya D 30-03-1983 Ukraine The queen, indeed! What a goddess! She has a perfect body with sensualous curves, amazing breasts and a very beautiful face. Beauty in its purest form.
Jeri Amateurs of extreme girls will love Jeri. Great personality and not afraid to try things. It's amazing what she can fit in that adorable and beautiful pussy of hers.
Jewel A ??-??-1988 Canada
Jodie A ??-??-1987 Russia
Josephine ??-??-1994
Ulia D ??-??-1987 Russia
Julia I 23-07-1986 Ukraine
Lili F 18-12-1989 Ukraine
Justine Joli 16-07-1980 United States of America
Kameliya A 12-01-1988 Ukraine
Kamilah A 27-12-1993 Ukraine
Karina N ??-??-1993 Latvia
Karissa Diamond 20-05-1993 Ukraine
Katrin B 02-26-1990 Ukraine Beautiful brunette with short hair and a pretty face. Lovely frame with gorgeous small breasts. I like how she sometimes has neatly trimmed pubic hair and sometimes keeps a tidy bush.
Kayla B ??-??-1988 Russia
Kaylee A 24-11-1995 Ukraine
Kei A 28-09-1990 Russia
Kiara A 1988 Russia
Kimber Day 21-04-1993 United States of America
Kloffina A 06-08-1989 Ukraine Very sexual, very hot, very beautiful. Her round butt is to die for and her perfect little pussy with short but thick labia and its adorable mole on the clitoral hood (sometimes photoshopped out!!) is particularly delightful and memorable.
Kolett 1992 Russia
Kristel A ??-??-1992 Belarus
Ksenia ??-??-1990 Ukraine
Kyla Cole 10-11-1978 Slovakia
Lada D ??-??-1989 Russia
Lauren Crist 05-06-1990 Czech Republic Classy and highly sexual brunette with hypnotic and captivating green eyes, great body, lovely breasts and a rather tight pussy she loves to touch. She is always a sight to behold when in the company of other girls.
Christel A ??-??-1994 Latvia
Leila A ??-??-1991 Russia
Lenai 28-09-1993 Ukraine I'm in love with this sunning redhead and her amazing cunt! She is a real angel. Such a shame she retired early.
Lenny A ??-??-1990 Russia Beautiful curly hair, lovely face, great body, cute breasts (with bright aureolae) and a really inviting pussy with gorgeous labia. What's not to love? I wish she did more stuff!
Leona C ??-??-1988 Russia
Leona F ??-??-1991
Lidiya A 17-06-1988 Ukraine The uncontested redhead queen. Marvelous all around with her cute face, lovely smile, gorgeous firm breasts and smooth and tight pussy. An absolute delight!
Lily C 05-11-1989 Ukraine I'm drooling every time I see her slender frame. She has terribly sexy innocent looks to her with a lovely face, cute smile, an amazing body, great breasts, perfect butt and a downright flawless blooming pussy. What a goddess!
Linessa ??-??-1993 Latvia
Karen A 24-09-1990 Ukraine
Liv A ??-??-1989 Russia
Livia Godiva United States of America
Liza E ??-??-1987 Russia
Liza J ??-??-1991 Russia
Lizel 24-01-1987 Russia
Lola A 11-01-1989 Ukraine
Loreen A 08-03-1987 Russia A jewel. While not the most beautiful girl she has a true charm and a great smile but what I like the most about her is her pussy, especially when it's fully spread. Magnificent labia.
Lorena B 16-09-1986 Spain Very beautiful girl who also seems to genuinely enjoy what she does. I am among those who prefer a shaved pussy and Lorena's is wonderful when it's shaved. Like Michelle I love the fact that she does more daring stuff. She's a very sexual and funny girl.
Lucy Li 04-01-1994 Czech Republic
Lukki Lima ??-??-1992 Ukraine Love her sophisticated looks, her expressive sexuality and I especially love her big bubblebutt, which is rather large for her petite frame!
Luniel A ??-??-1985 Russia
Lydia A 29-11-1994 Ukraine
Malena Fendi 17-07-1993
Malena 02-11-1990 Incredible and smoking hot Italian seductress with gorgeous breasts and a perfect pink pussy.
Malinda A ??-??-1995 Ukraine Blonde cutie with a round face and beautiful eyes. She has very beautiful breasts, a great body and cute labia. I couldn't believe she was born in 1995.
Malta ??-??-1995 Ukraine
Mari D 1992 Ukraine
Marry Queen 20-10-1991 Czech Republic Big-breasted blonde girl with a very cute face and probably the tightest pussy I've seen so far.
Marta ??-??-1989 Ukraine This petite bombshell with hypnotic eyebrows is one of the sexiest kittens around with an absolutely flawless butterfly cunt.
Marta C ??-??-1989 Russia
Maura A 1992 Russia
Megan B 01-01-1991 Czech Republic
Megan C ??-??-1990 Ukraine Very charming brunette with delicious small breasts and pretty eyes. She reminds me a bit of Tiffany Thompson and has this girl next door look.
Megan Loxx 09-05-1990 United States of America
Melisa Mendini 25-11-1985 Czech Republic
Melissa Ray
Mesed A Ukraine
Mia 29-03-1986 Hungary Very pretty blonde with a beautiful face that's less round than usual, beautiful small breasts with an equally lovely pussy. Has an account on the website.
Mia M
Mia Sollis 20-10-1990 Czech Republic Pretty and innocent-looking redhead with cute freckles, very beautiful breasts and a great-looking pussy. Cool tattoo as well.
Michaela Isizzu 22-05-1990 My new favorite model. Stunning in every way, this very pretty brunette has a body to die for, perfect breasts, a very beautiful face with lovely eyes and a great smile, and a superb pussy she loves to show and touch for her and our pleasure.
Michelle H 05-09-1992 Ukraine "Unusual" but extremely beautiful and sensualous face, great breasts and a delight to watch, both solo or with other girls. She absolutely oozes sex. I like how she ventured into more daring territories while retaining her usual class.
Milana G 01-11-1992 Russia
Milena D 10-06-1991 Ukraine Wow! Angel-faced with a beautiful body and cute small breasts. It's a shame she has the tendency to hide her very pretty pussy under a chaotic bush, but it is glorious when shaved!
Mandy Dee 23-01-1988 Russia
Mirelle A 02-01-1990 Russia Shaved or not Mirelle is a stunner. She's a curvy goddess with an adorable innocent smile, beautiful, big, pale and round breasts and a marvelous pussy with cute and pretty labia I wish I could kiss all over.
Nelly A 17-06-1985 Russia
Monique C 08-07-1995 Ukraine
Nadin A 18-01-1988 Ukraine An underrated beauty, again. Very charming brunette with a great smile, perfect breasts and a super cute pussy. A shame she doesn't do more stuff.
Nadine B 28-11-1987 Ukraine
Nancy A 17-11-1994 Ukraine
Nastya I 21-08-1988 Ukraine Gorgeous brunette with lovely freckles and a very beautiful face. She has bloody perfect proportions with wonderful breasts and pretty hips. I love her expressions and her magnificent pussy. This true beauty needs to do more stuff!
Natalie B ??-??-1995 Ukraine
Nedda A 02-01-1986 Russia
Anika A 08-07-1991 Russia
Night A 29-11-1989 Russia The living definition of the tranquil beauty, with very pretty hair (much better black imho), beautiful eyes, alluring body and a truly delicious cunt with beautiful labia. I think she has the prettiest vulva I've ever seen.
Nica ??-??-1988 Russia
Nika N 31-07-1992 Ukraine A charming blonde girl with a slim frame and beautiful face with big green eyes. She is not afraid to show, spread and touch her perfect pussy either, nor flaunt her pretty anus. She always has some strange and wild poses which is original and fun.
Niki Mey 03-11-1989 Ukraine Mesmerizing face, hypnotic eyes, great body, cute breasts and pretty pussy. I like her more when she has dark hair.
Nikia A 24-03-1993 Russia This innocent-looking princess has one of the most beautiful butts I've ever seen! I never get tired of looking at it, helps that she has perhaps the most adorable anus ever and a pretty little peculiar vulva to boot!
Nikky Case 10-12-1983 Czech Republic "Classic" beauty, she never ceases to amaze me with her superb body. The poses she has are great for artistic reference too. I adore her tight pussy.
Olga K 18-11-1985 Ukraine One of the prettiest girls I've ever seen. Adorable face, amazing body with small breasts and a very beautiful vagina. Her lesbian sets are pure gold. Probably retired now, which is a shame.
Olivia F ??-??-1990 Russia
Paloma B 04-05-1990 Russia She apparently retired a long time ago she still is one of my all-time favorites. It's difficult not to fall in love with this beauty. She has an innocent and round face with a very cute smile, mesmerizing breasts and a beautiful little pussy.
Paolina 07-04-1982 Czech Republic I'm surprised she doesn't have more fans. Her heavenly pussy developed my love for the female sex; hers is so beautiful (especially in the EA set Balcony, true perfection). Her large breasts are a delight and she seems to be very happy in what she does.
Patritcy 26-04-1994 Latvia Always a delight to see her. Great body, delicious face and the cutest and most adorable pussy I've ever seen.
Patsy A 1989 Ukraine
Peggy A ??-??-1989 Russia
Penelope B 02-03-1992 Ukraine
Phiby 08-08-1984 Russia
Pinky June 05-02-1992 Czech Republic
Piper A 04-11-1990 Russia
Polinaria A ??-??-1986 Russia
Rachel Blau 10-07-1993 Ukraine
Raja S Russia
Ralina A 06-01-1990 Russia
Cosmo 18-05-1991 Hungary
Rilee Marks 03-12-1991 United States of America The living embodiment of the innocent but naughty girl. I really like her pale skin and her big, beautiful breasts with small nipples. Her peaceful face and pretty smile are a true delight.
Rina A 1983 Russia Perfect perfect perfect pussy!!!
Rose Delight 28-04-1987 Czech Republic Beautiful blonde girl with a great body, pretty face and smile, adorable breasts and a lovely shaved pussy. She's very versatile and appears in tons of different stuff. She and Lorena have great chemistry together.
Rosemary 24-11-1991 Russia
Roza A 24-08-1986 Russia
Ruzanna A ??-??-1993 Russia
Sabina B 07-01-1989 Russia
Sabrisse A 08-06-1989 Czech Republic
Sandra C 03-12-1982 Russia This slender blonde cutie has easily one of the most beautiful cunts I've ever seen in my entire life! Wow!
Sandra D 17-01-1988 Ukraine
Sanny A ??-??-1989 Russia Underrated beautiful blonde doll with really gorgeous breasts and a very beautiful pussy with a marvelous clitoris.
Sapphira A 21-06-1994 Czech Republic
Sara H ??-??-1995 Israel
Gabi de Castello 13-02-1992 Czech Republic
Sarika A 27-04-1991 Russia
Scarlett A 25-03-1985 Ukraine Busty beauty who appeared with both blonde and black hair and she looked stunning either way. Her big breasts, beautiful and seductive blue eyes and her lovely pink pussy are a sight to behold. It looks like she retired, which is a shame.
Selene Georgia
Selestina A ??-??-1990 Ukraine Selestina is one of these girls that really leave me speechless. Very underrated stunner with a gorgeous body and an impressive and beautiful vulva.
Sharon D 27-07-1989 Russia A favorite of mine, Sharon is a seductress with amazing eyes and a very alluring face and body. Her breasts are magnificent, she has the cunt of an empress and her butt is delicious. I find the super small patch of pubic hair she sports to be very erotic!
Sharon E 16-05-1982 Ukraine Very beautiful brunette with deep bedroom eyes and a superb face. Lovely small breasts as well. What struck me the most was her very cute heart-shaped pubic hair complimenting her marvelous pussy in her Femjoy sets. She appears to have retired.
Shyla Jennings 16-06-1985 Germany
Simone B 29-05-1990 Russia
Sinia ??-??-1992 Ukraine Sinia is a gorgeous and graceful brunette seductress with hypnotic eyes, a body to die for, a lovely butt and a very pretty vulva. Her usually visible clitoris is very beautiful.
Sko Ya 07-12-1992 Ukraine Fiery hot redhead with raw sexuality, a perfect frame, cute breasts and a very pretty red pussy. The naughty and sexual facial expressions she makes are some of the most powerful I've seen and are enough to drive me wild.
Snejanna 14-04-1993 Russia Cute and wild girl with a sexy slim frame, pretty breasts and a seriously beautiful pink pussy, no wonder girls and boys alike want a taste of it. She has an absolutely raw sexual appeal I just can't resist and she seems to really enjoy what she does.
Sofi A 30-03-1987 Ukraine Busty brunette with a great frame, superb looks, a more brown skin that most models and a lovely pussy, especially when shaved.
Sofy A ??-??-1990 Russia
Solana A ??-??-1995 Ukraine
Solveig ??-??-1992 Ukraine Supermodel looks with a body to die for and a really lovely face. Perfect from head to toe. What an adorable pussy too!
Sonya S 30-04-1994 Ukraine
Stasia 09-05-1990 Ukraine Versatile brunette with a beautiful face, great body, pretty breasts and a lovely pussy. She also has these very charming naughty eyes.
Stephanie 16-11-1981 Czech Republic
Susann ??-??-1986 Germany Superb brunette with great breasts and a very cute and expressive face. Excellent frame. An absolute sight to behold.
Sybil A 01-10-1994 Slovenia
Taira A ??-??-1990 Russia
Taissia Shanti 09-11-1992 Russia Taissia has one of the most beautiful and arousing cunts I've ever seen. Her two sets of lips are very big and plump and extremely pretty. I just love her raw sexuality.
Talia ??-??-1991 Russia One of the cutest girls out there, no contest. Petite frame with lovely breasts and a smile to die for.
Tayra A ??-??-1994 Ukraine
Tess Lyndon 03-05-1990 Czech Republic An underrated beauty, imho. Great body, lovely face and one of the best butts I've seen. She has great chemistry with pretty much every girl she appears with in lesbian sets.
Tiffany Thompson 25-07-1992 United States of America
Toxic A ??-??-1993 Ukraine
Tyana A ??-??-1989 Russia
Ulya I 18-11-1986 Ukraine Sublime redhead with incredible breasts and cute pubic hair complimenting her adorable pussy that's as fiery hot as her hair.
Vanessa Angel 09-08-1993 Czech Republic
Vanessa D ??-??-1991 Russia
Vanessa O ??-??-1993 Latvia
Varya A 10-01-1992 Ukraine
Salma C ??-??-1992 Ukraine
Halena A ??-??-1988 Russia My my, what a beautiful angel. Love her beautiful face with her cute eyes. She loves to play around with her small breasts.
Leonie ??-??-1991 Russia
Vikki Mauri ??-??-1992 Russia
Viola Bailey 03-03-1993 Latvia Amateurs of big breasts should be delighted! This stunning voluptuous girl has the whole package: cute looks, big natural breasts, a great butt and a lovely pussy with nice labia. I don't normally like breasts that are this big but Viola's are impressive!
Violetta A ??-??-1989 Ukraine
Viva B ??-06-1989 Russia
Wanda A ??-??-1994 Russia
Xenia E 27-09-1992 Russia I'm in love with Xenia E's lusftful bright eyes. She has a lovely derriere and her cute little vulva is a work of art.
Xola ??-??-1995 Russia
Yani A ??-??-1994 Ukraine
Yara A ??-??-1984 Ukraine
Yarina A 28-01-1993 Ukraine Heavenly brunette with a lovely freckled face, deep green eyes, sublime smile and a great body. Her breasts are perfect and she has a oh so beautiful little cunt with cute blooming labia, just the kind I love. The ultimate butt princess.
Yuta A 1990 Russia I'm quite enamoured with her. I love her gorgeous face, her incredible butt and her adorable pussy. She is very very sexy in stockings.
Yvonne 17-03-1994 Belarus
Zelda B 26-12-1989 Ukraine
Zemira A 20-04-1992 Ukraine
Mila I 27-07-1991 Extremely cute blonde girl with a lovely face, great smile, amazing breasts and a superb pussy she's not afraid to show.
Zhanna B 11-05-1988 Russia
Zlatka A ??-??-1992 Ukraine
Zsanett Tormay 30-11-1993 Hungary Stunning brunette newcomer with a great body, adorable small breasts, pretty eyes and cute long labia. She has a true class and she sure knows she is incredibly beautiful!
Aislin 20-11-1995 ua
Kacey Jordan 28-03-1988 United States of America
Ananke ??-??-1991
Valeria ??-??-1993
Heidi A ??-??-1993 Israel
Niemira 19-05-1992
Glenda A ??-??-1991
Lilit A 16-10-1994
Liona 25-03-1992 Russia
Leona Honey ??-11-1995
Nicolina ??-??-1995 Girl next door goddess with a great attitude, a killer smile and a oh so beautiful pussy!
Roberta Berti 23-02-1988
Anna Lee ??-??-1991 Ukraine
Starlet ??-??-1995
Karrin Belarus
Vega A
Rachel Fox ??-??-1989
Liv B ??-??-1991 Lithuania
Alberta L ??-??-1994
Malena 20-10-1990 Russia
Rina ??-??-1991
Amy Boo 20-01-1989 United Kingdom
Magdalena ??-??-1989
Francine A ??-??-1989 Russia
Emily ??-??-1991 Ukraine
Flavia A 22-11-1988 Ukraine Flavia could be mistaken for Sharon D's sister! Always impeccable, this leggy beauty has a very beautiful face and a butt to die for. I love how her beautiful flower is almost always wet, and her anus is always extremely pretty which is rare.
Andys 04-12-1995
Victoria Rose 19-04-1984 Czech Republic I always loved Victoria Rose and her very impressive and beautiful pussy. Just one of the most fantastic cunts ever. Her sets on W4B are really worth a look.
Samantha ??-??-1993 Latvia
Tory D 1986 Ukraine
Nesty A 28-12-1984 Hungary
Renee Roulette 01-08-1996 She has one of the most impressive and majestic vulvas I've seen in a long while. Love it.
Lilian A 08-02-1991 Ukraine She has the pristine body of a Greek goddess and the looks of a nymph. Her flawless pussy is a delight and looking at it is always a tremendous pleasure.
Sheena Shaw 30-09-1985 United States of America I absolutely adore her vulva.
Lady Dee 25-01-1997
Li Moon 30-03-1995 Absolute knockout. Very voluptuous, very beautiful, very desirable. Her big round butt is such a delight to see and saying her lovely big pussy with delicious lips is a charming sight is quite the understatement!
Anna Netrebko 22-09-1996 Super flexible cutie who never disappoints when it comes to showing off her adorable naked butt.
Pristine Edge 09-10-1987
Elsa Jean 01-09-1996 Kinky cutie with a beautiful big pink cunt. An absolute sight to behold when it's blooming.
Dani Lust ??-??-1997
Mirayn A ??-??-1992
Onorin ??-??-1988 I am completely taken by Onorin. The combination of her deep eyes, arcing eyebrows, beautiful hair and her slender body with amazing breasts makes me melt.
Kaleesy 12-04-1994 Absolute goddess, perfect from head to toes with an angelic visage, a beautiful butt and a butterfly vulva with thick pink lips.
Sarika ??-??-1994
Debora A 02-09-1995
Karen K ??-??-1993
Laura ??-??-1996
Genevieve Gandi 22-07-1993 Ukraine
Ambre ??-??-1996
Kenya ??-??-1994 Very innocent and yet so, so sexual! This beautifully enigmatic bombshell has a very peculiar presence, is incredibly pretty and her thick perfect asymmetrical cunt is downright wonderful.
Tracy Smile 08-11-1994 Czech Republic
Kristen Scott 13-03-1995 Wow, what an absolutely incredible pussy! She's very kinky too!
Anny Aurora 20-09-1996
Noreen ??-??-1997
Kat ??-??-1996 Spicy hot princess with a very alluring face (that nose, that nose!!) and perfect body. Her perpetually wet vulva is so incredibly pretty and her beautiful derrière is a sight to behold.
Dominica 07-10-1985 Czech Republic The Queen of Lips
Gloria Sol 12-05-1995 Perfect everything: angelic face, beautiful big natural breasts with outstanding nipples, downright flawless pink butterfly cunt with an adorable little clitoris, exquisite round butt, perfect figure and raw sexuality. Best of 2016 by far.
Bree Haze 15-07-1991
Mira D 31-05-1992 Latvia
Uliana 01-03-1993
Sofi Shane ??-??-1995 Adorable little love fairy.
Dakota Haux 20-07-1993 Ukraine Her perfect heart-shaped pussy when seen from behind melts my own heart.
Naomi Swan 05-03-1993 Ukraine Naomi is a very beautiful woman with innocent looks and a very beautiful, subtle smile. She also has a stunning body with lovely tits, a beautiful round butt and especially a truly, absolutely magnificent shaved pussy with very thick butterfly lips.
Vanda Mey 11-06-1994
Evangelina ??-??-1991
Haley Reed 20-12-1996
Caddy ??-??-1998
Missy ??-??-1997
Alice May ??-??-1994
Pandora B 09-10-1991 Much like Dakota A this voluptuous goddess has a very beautiful pussy that looks like a heart when it's seen from behind. She also has a perfect butt and delicious breasts with big lovely nipples.
Jamie Joi 12-02-1997
Paige ??-??-1996
Selina ??-??-1996 My my, the first thing I saw were her big breasts! Usually not a fan of puffy nipples but they compliment her pretty tits perfectly. And if that wasn't enough she also has a perfect pussy with lovely long and thick lips! Another favorite of 2016.
Milliki ??-??-1998 Finland
Prima ??-??-1995
Barbara Vie ??-??-1996
Alla ??-??-1995
Lily 22-03-1997
Carolina Sampaio ??-??-1996
Caralyn ??-??-1996
Mila Mendes ??-??-1995
Natalia G ??-??-1989 Russia Natalia has one of the best pussies in erotic modeling and she knows how to display it. Looking at her extremely arousing huge pink butterfly vulva is an absolute pleasure.
Dulcia ??-??-1994
Brooky ??-??-1996
Frida Sante 11-04-1985 Shame about the fake breasts, but her cunt is spectacular! Wow!!! This is what heaven looks like.
Vanessa Decker 02-01-1995 Vanessa Decker's huge butterfly cunt is extremely arousing and one of the most beautiful ever. She also has a really pretty butt and is an all-around very sexy woman who's confident with her sexuality.
Izolda ??-??-1994
Crystal Maiden 11-02-1995
Sara Szulc 19-02-1992
Varya Shay ??-??-1996
Zoeya ??-??-1997
Brit ??-??-1989
Jocelyn Sweets 18-01-2000
Zoe Bloom 24-03-1998
Zoey Taylor 11-02-1996
Riley Starr 23-10-1996
Cora Moth 27-05-1994
Hannah Hays 13-09-1998
Addee Kate 23-08-1996
Lucy Valentine 25-07-1998
Scarlett Bloom 24-10-1998
Betsy Teases ??-??-1988
Stacy Cruz 24-03-1999
Riley Anne 16-02-1995
Cherry Kiss 31-12-1992 Serbia
Alex More 29-08-1995
Nikola Sweet ??-??-1997 It's such a shame Nikola hasn't done more stuff because her pussy is just incredible. Some of the biggest butterfly lips ever.
Valery Leche ??-??-1997
Mara Blake 24-11-1994 Mara Blake has a quite peculiar but very pretty face and simply radiates sex. She's just stunning all around with beautiful breasts, a great bouncy ass with a pretty anus and especially that gorgeous pussy with its delicious lips and cute clitoris.
Macy Meadows 30-05-1998
Christine Cardo ??-??-1995 Christine Cardo simply has one of the most impressive butterfly cunts ever with downright mouth-watering lips and an adorable clit. The rest of her is no slouch too, she's just very beautiful all around. I just wish someone else shot her.
Eva Tali ??-??-1998
Brooklyn Gray 13-03-1999 I have only seen her ITC stuff but she definitely made an impression on me. I love her girl next door looks and she just looks insanely good. The dark bush crowning her super pretty pink shaved cunt compliments it very well. I love her butt and anus too.
Kailyn 04-11-2000 Kailyn is absolutely adorable! I don't know where to look between her wavy hair, her beautiful tits, her thick thighs, her round ass with its cute anus and her big fully shaved vulva with extra-thick brown lips.
Mirabella 21-05-1993 A bit too skinny for my tastes but her incredible pussy is simply amazing. What a beauty it is.
Tiffany Tatum 14-08-1997 I usually prefer fully shaved women but I have to say Tiffany's very neatly trimmed bush sitting atop her beautiful shaved pink vulva fits her perfectly and I love when she plays with it. She's very pretty with a gorgeous face and a lovely body.
Dani Blu 10-07-2000
Lauren C ??-??-1987 Russia
Christy Lynn United States of America
Gigi Rivera 20-06-1989 United States of America
Tiffany Sweet 08-05-1984 United States of America
Dea Ishtar 11-09-1990
Alissiya A ??-??-1988 Ukraine
Shelli ??-??-1993
Melga ??-??-2001 She looks just like a good friend of mine, the resemblance is very uncanny! Melga is a knockout with a killer smile and a great body. Her shaved pussy is just so beautiful and inviting. Love those thick brown lips!
Angel West ??-??-1998
Zelta ??-??-2000 Wow, what a beauty! Zelta probably has one of the most alluring combos of butt, anus and pussy in the biz. I could spend hours just looking at that butt she so masterfully displays. Her vulva is just insanely beautiful and dreamy. Those lips! That clit!
Ruby A ??-??-1991 Russia It's such as shame Ruby really only has one set because she is drop-dead gorgeous. She has such a beautiful face with a nice toned body and especially a mouth-watering pink vulva with luscious, suckable lips.
Yasmeen A ??-??-1993 Russia Yasmeen is voluptuous, sultry and super sexy. She's got it all: killer figure, amazing breasts, gorgeous ass, pretty anus and a gorgeous pink butterfly cunt with a very thick clitoral hood I could suck on for hours. Murano captured her beauty perfectly.
Ana Foxxx 29-10-1988 United States of America Oh yeah, Ana is a bombshell. She's just so beautiful and sexual, and her skin tone is gorgeous. Her pink vulva once her thick lips are parted against her dark skin is just amazing to behold. There's so many things to say about Ana. What a beauty.
Erin Pink ??-??-1989
Berenice ??-??-1991
Milkavi ??-??-1998